KoLmafia Guide: Goal-Oriented Adventuring

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For this lesson, we are going to complete a Bounty Hunter contract with KoLmafia.

Lesson8 Hunter.png
  1. Go to the Hunter like normal, pick a reasonable bounty that is fairly easy to do, in a zone you can access. Check your equipment, etc.
    • Alternatively, you can click the 'Travel' from the main menubar, and click 'Visit the Hunter'. Then choose your bounty. That might be a bit quicker (as shown in the screenshot to the right).
  2. Go to the Mafia Frame. Make sure your custom combat script is good to go, unless you just want auto-attack or auto-spell. Change the Adventure number to 60, just to have a constraint. (A bounty takes 40 typically). Make sure you have 60 adventures left. Eat/Drink/etc to do this.
  3. Look at the zone selection box. When you first select a bounty it automatically selects the appropriate zone for you.
  4. Click the Checkbox under your combat script that says Goals:. It un-greys a dropdown box. If the box is greyed out, this means NO goal oriented adventuring will occur. Mafia should automatically have the right bounty items selected for you.
  5. Set up your combat options. In action, set your method of killing the monster even if it is just "attack". In the special box under that, click for a list of options. If you have Transcendent Olfaction it is very useful to chose auto-olfaction there to automatically cast olfaction upon any monster that drops your goal.
  6. In the dropdown box for Goals, you ought to see something like '3 triffid bark' that corresponds to your bounty goal. Make sure this is selected, un-greyed, and looks right.
    Lesson8 GoalAdventure.png
  7. Clear your session with the main menubar, Tools, 'Clear All Results'. I like to do this for each session of adventures. It will help us better see what is going on for training purposes.
  8. Tell it to Begin. Mafia will start adventuring and automatically update you on your goal progress. You will see the Goals box start dropping to '+2 triffid bark' or whatever as you find your goal item. It will also automatically stop adventuring when its goal is done, which will likely be before the 60 turns you constrained it to. You will notice that it even turns in your bounty for you when its done! If it was unable to complete its Goal, it will inform you when it hits its constraint.
    Lesson8 CLI.png
  9. Warning: Once the goals are completed, it will reset back to the '3 triffid bark' or whatever goal. Basically it looks like before you started adventuring. This is a feature Mafia does to allow multiple sets of goals. Like if you wanted to get 2 sets of your goal item. Obviously you cannot do multiple Bounty Hunts in a single day, so you will just uncheck the Goals checkbox and be done.

Bonus) The Goals-Oriented feature is really great for bounty and also questing. It is pre-loaded with several intelligent goals for various zones. For example, in the pirate quest you are tasked with acquiring 3 different items to become a pirate. Normally you have to remember which items you have gotten that are related to the quest. By using Mafia, you can simply type in that zone, then uncheck Goals, use the goals pulldown menu and select the set of those particular 3 items. When you adventure, it will go until all three items are acquired.

This feature is possible because KoLmafia has many built-in goals that correspond with automate-able adventure constraints. It knows that you are on the Pirate quest, at a certain part of it. Therefore, it knows that you need X,Y, and Z items to continue. Hence, it appears as a potential goal. Once you have these items or are done with the quest, this goal is not an option anymore.

You can also type in your own goals! If you want say 4 Limes from the Fruit Golems, you'd go to the Menagerie 1 zone, type in 5 Lime as your goal and then go! I generally don't use this because of the possibility of error. If you misspell the item or pick the wrong zone, you could waste a bunch of turns.

BOTTOM LINE: Goal-oriented adventuring is even more automated and intelligent than auto-adventuring and can be a big help!

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