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Function Syntax

boolean maximize(string expression ,boolean simulate )

boolean maximize(string expression ,int max_price ,int price_level ,boolean simulate )

record [int] maximize(string expression ,int max_price ,int price_level ,boolean simulate ,boolean include_equip )

  • expression is the list of modifiers to maximize for.
  • max_price limits how much meat will be spent on maximization.
  • price_level controls checking the mall and affects return value.
  • simulate will not equip gear if true.
  • include_equip will return a record including equipment and effects if true, otherwise only effects

This command will run the modifier maximizer and return true if successful. If a minimum is applied to a modifier and that minimum could not be accomplished (such as 4 clownosity) then it will return false.

This function will set "Generated:_spec" so that it can be checked with numeric_modifier(). That is the main purpose of using a true value for simulate as shown in the following code:

    maximize("cold resistance, spooky resistance", true);
    print(numeric_modifier("Generated:_spec", "cold resistance"));
    print(numeric_modifier("Generated:_spec", "Maximum HP"));
    print(numeric_modifier("Generated:_spec", "Spooky Resistance"));

If max_price is <= 0, it will use the preference autoBuyPriceLimit, or available meat, whichever is lower. Otherwise, that's the value it's considering as the max value for new items.

If price_level is greater than 0, Mall price is considered. If price_level is 2, always consider mall price. If price_level is 1, only consider it if there isn't another way. Also, if price_level is 0 or less, validateItem always returns true.

When using the 5-parameter version, a record will be returned of the format:

record {
   string display; //What would be shown in the Modifier Maximizer tab
   string command; //The CLI command the Maximizer would execute
   float score;    //The score added from equipping the item or gaining 1 turn of the effect
   effect effect;  //The effect you would gain
   item item;      //The item being used or equipped
   skill skill;    //The skill you need to cast

When include_equip is true, the first items in the record array are equipment. If you are only looking for effects that you can combine with maximized equipment, a better set of parameters might be (using Prismatic Damage as an example):

maximize("Prismatic Damage",0,0,false,false);

...which would equip items giving you bonus Prismatic Damage and return an array that can boost your score higher with certain effects. Keep in mind, these effects only count 1 turn of the effect, so effects that vary with more turns will likely no be represented properly.

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command command "maximize" will automatically change equipment as if the simulate parameter was false.

More Information

See the page on the Modifier Maximizer for more information on how to use this, especially to create a meaningful expression.

Attention KoLmafia Experts!

We need your help; some details of this function's operation are unknown or unclear.

The following specific question has been raised:

  • What exactly is validateItem? What does it mean to us?