KoLmafia Guide: Commonly Used ASH Commands

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Note that you can type 'ashref' into the CLI for a COMPLETE list of all ash script commands! It is kind of cumbersome to dig through the list though. You can narrow it down by asking about a particular command. i.e. 'ashref fullness' would list all functions (like my_fullness) that match 'fullness'.

a) use_familiar(familiar); This one is tricky! The function takes a 'Familiar' type, and will error when you feed it a string. Therefore you must combine the to_familiar with this one. It looks like this: use_familiar(to_familiar("leprechaun")); Be sure to use the RACE of the familiar, not your name for it.

b) my_fullness() my_inebriety() These return your fullness and drunkenness as 'int's.

c) my_basestat($stat[Moxie]) Returns your Moxie stat as an 'int'. Replace with Muscle or Mysticality as needed.

d) equip(item); Another tricky function in that it only takes an "Item". Syntax is: equip(to_item("nameOfItem"));

e) mall_price($item[bottle of Pete's Sake]); Returns the mall price as an 'int'. NOTE!!! Returns the FIFTH LOWEST PRICE, not the lowest. When you buy, it uses the lowest. However, KoLmafia returns the 5th lowest for analysis to deter mallbot behavior.

f) have_skill( $skill[ Summon Candy Heart ] ); Return true or false if you have skill.

g) set_property( "customCombatScript" , "YourScriptNameHere"); Lets you set a particular custom combat script. Great for setting up stasis-lock (where you delay combat so your familiar can act during combat).

h) TODO: Figure out a general purpose method on how to do non-combat location visiting with the mini-browser and determining your URL. i.e.: visit_url("monkeycastle.php?pwd&action=buyitem&whi chitem=3997&quantity=1");

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