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Function Syntax

int monster_initiative()

int monster_initiative(monster check_me )

  • check_me is the (optional) monster to get the initiative value of

Returns the initiative value of the specified monster check_me. If check_me is not specified, it will use the current monster if you are in a fight (i.e. you're calling the function from an In-combat Consulting script), or the last monster you encountered otherwise.

When the function is given a monster as a parameter it will return the monster's initiative at the start of a fight including all monster level modifications. This means that for monsters with unknown initiative, the return value will only take into account monster level.

Code Samples

void jump (string monstername) {
   monster mon  = to_monster(monstername);
   int mon_ini = monster_initiative(mon);
   int my_ini = numeric_modifier("initiative");
   int chance = max(0, 100+my_ini-mon_ini+max(0, my_basestat(my_primestat())-monster_attack(mon)));
   chance = min(100, chance);
   print("You have a current jump chance on "+mon+" of "+chance+"% which is same as "+jump_chance(mon)+"%.", "blue");
There is already a KoLMafia built in function called jump_chance() that does the same as the above example, but better. For more information on jump opponents visit KoL Wiki's Combat Initiative

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If no monster is specified and no monster has been fought in this session, this function returns 0. This is because mafia forgets the value of last_monster() when it logs out.