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Function Syntax

boolean entryway()

Attempts to complete the entire NS Entryway, from the gates through the statues and returns the attempt's success.

When using the skeleton key, if you do not have a ten-leaf clover in inventory it will use the unlucky entryway method of healing whenever HP are too low to use the skeleton key. If you have a ten-leaf clover then that clover will automatically be used by KoL to guarantee a roll of 11. A disassembled clover will not be assembled by this command.

Code Sample

Solve the entry way to the NS Lair, from doors to statue.

   print("You made it through the entryway to the lair.");
else print("Read the above messages to understand what you need to make it into the NS's lair.");

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "entryway" will perform the same tasks.

See Also

chamber() | guardians() | hedgemaze() | tavern()