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Function Syntax

int my_ascensions()

Returns the number of times your character has ascended. Useful for checking several states that appear only after ascending the first time.

Code Samples

The following function sets the MCD to the maximum possible value.

boolean mcd_max() {
   if (my_ascensions() < 1 || in_bad_moon()) return true;
   // Heartbreaker's Hotel uses an adventure, and I don't think you want that.
   int maxmcd = 10 + canadia_available().to_int()
   return (current_mcd() == maxmcd) ? true : change_mcd(maxmcd);

The following baby of a function checks if you have mall access.

boolean mall_access() {
   if (my_ascensions() < 1) return (my_level() > 4);
   // Easier to type >4 than >= 5.
   return can_interact();

See Also

my_name() | my_class() | my_primestat()


When not logged in, this function returns false.