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Function Syntax

stat my_primestat()

Returns the stat associated with your class.

Code Samples

The following example attempts to create as many scrumpdiddlyumptious solutions as you have scrumptious reagents if you can access the Mysticality guild store. Since Accordion Thieves above level 9 can also access Gouda's Grimoire and Grocery, this code checks for it as well.

if ((my_primestat() == $stat[mysticality] || (my_class() == $class[Accordion Thief] && my_level() > 9))
      && guild_store_available())
   retrieve_item(item_amount($item[scrumptious reagent]) , $item[delectable catalyst]);
   use(item_amount($item[delectable catalyst]) , $item[delectable catalyst]);

See Also

retrieve_item() | item_amount() | use()


When not logged in, this function returns $stat[moxie] (Needs spading).