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This data type represents any monster you can encounter in KoL.

The full range, besides $monster[ none ], is too much to list and keep up with here: please see the Wiki Monster Compendium page for more information.

Related Functions

float [monster] appearance_rates( location, [boolean] )

boolean can_faxbot( monster )

float elemental_resistance( [monster] )

int expected_damage( [monster] )

boolean faxbot( monster )

monster [int] get_monsters( location )

monster image_to_monster( strict_string )

boolean is_banished( monster )

int [item] item_drops( [monster] )

record [int] item_drops_array( [monster] )

int jump_chance( [monster], [int], [int] )

monster last_monster()

int meat_drop( [monster] )

int monster_attack( [monster] )

int monster_defense( [monster] )

element monster_element( [monster] )

float monster_eval( string )

int monster_hp( [monster] )

int monster_initiative( [monster] )

int monster_level_adjustment()

phylum monster_phylum( [monster] )

monster to_monster( strict_string )

Proxy Record Fields

Here are the proxy record fields for monsters. Proxy records are discussed in more detail here.

Field Data type Default value ASH Accessor Function / Notes
id int 0
base_hp int 0 monster_hp() (includes modifiers)
base_attack int 0 monster_attack() (includes modifiers)
base_defense int 0 monster_defense() (includes modifiers)
raw_hp int 0 (excludes modifiers)
raw_attack int 0 (excludes modifiers)
raw_defense int 0 (excludes modifiers)
base_initiative int 0 monster_initiative() (includes modifiers)
raw_initiative int 0 (excludes modifiers)
element attack_element element none
element defense_element element none monster_element()
physical_resistance int 0
min_meat int 0 (excludes modifiers)
max_meat int 0 (excludes modifiers)
base_mainstat_exp foat 0.0 (includes bonus stats from +ML, but not from +stat effects)
phylum phylum none monster_phylum()
poison effect none
boss boolean false
dummy boolean false
image string ""
images aggregate boolean [string]
attributes string "" A compilation of attack, defense, initiative, element, meat drop, and phylum
random_modifiers aggregate boolean [string] The monster's random modifiers - like those generated in the One Crazy Random Summer path
manuel_name string ""